The Real-ink™ Project.

Join us on our journey to create the world’s finest and easiest to use digital art brushes & creative tools
based on the world’s best traditional fine art tools and the work of histories greatest artists and creatives.

A glimpse of things to come …

  • Brushes, tools and other assets inspired by the world’s finest art tools, papers, canvases, paints, inks and more!
  • High fidelity simulations created at up to 5,000dpi and then reduced to usable scale for maximum realism!
  • Production quality results ready for any use including fine art, design, print, screen, media, entertainment!
  • Use them directly in the software programs you’re already familiar with and love …

Not excited yet? Just read on …

  • Experience using the pens, brushes & papers of old masters like Da Vinci and Michaelangelo as if you’d walked into their studios and picked up their still-wet tools!
  • Create photographic quality nebulae and star fields in moments utilizing NASA telescope and Deep Space data!
  • Easily draw perfectly smooth, final artwork quality thick/thin vector strokes making linework and logo illustration faster easier than ever!
  • … and much more to come!

Stay up to date and join our quest to develop the world’s finest digital art tools:

Let’s make the world a more creative place together!

Real-ink™ Premium Digital Tools are developed by Rowan Dodds and Bliss Creativity in association with:

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