The Real-ink™ Project

Making creativity fun again

The Real-ink™ Project was founded in 2017 by awarded industry veteran Rowan Dodds of Inksplat Studios.

Working as a commercial illustrator for over 20 years (both in-house at Young & Rubicam Advertising and then full-time freelance as Inksplat Studios since 2002), Rowan was regularly frustrated by the lack of professional-quality brushes and tools available to bring his projects to life and has been continually creating and refining new solutions to meet his work’s tight deadlines and high quality demands.

These are now being polished off and shared with other artists worldwide, to improve the quality, joy and spontaneity of their work, and most importantly get them back home to their lives and families much earlier.

Stay tuned for lots more time-saving creative brushes and tools to make your work and life easier.

Quills and art tools
DaVinci Vitruvian Man

The drawing tools of daVinci

Developed from the latest ultra high resolution imaging of daVinci’s artwork from museums and galleries around the world, combined with tool handling and responsiveness data gathered from recreations of his quills and tools using methods of art restorers and historians, the creative joy and inspirational power of using these tools really cannot be understated.

Also in the works are ultra high resolution images and resources of our home planet, adjusted to the visual experience of viewing our world through it’s layers of atmosphere from outer space, and high resolution digital recreations of the finest art supplies, tools and materials gathered from around the globe.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Do the brushes and resources only work in Photoshop?
Not at all. While the brushes and resources have been created for Photoshop CC, as the industry standard software, the brushes are .abr files so also usable in other supported programs and apps such as Artstudio Pro and Adobe Sketch with only a few minor limitations. The resource images are all usable directly in any 2D and 3D software program that supports .png files
Can I use them on my iPad, tablet or phone?
Absolutely! Creating on the go and showing your friends is half the fun. These .abr brush files are also usable in the apps Artstudio Pro (iOS) and Adobe Sketch (iOS / Android) with only a few minor limitations. Adobe have also publicly committed to releasing a full version of Photoshop for iOS in 2019
Can I install the brushes and tools on my main computer and on my phone/tablet at the same time?
Of course, your user license allows you to have an installation on one computer and one mobile device. We want you to be able to play, create and show-off whether you’re in your studio or out and about.
Do these brushes work in Procreate?
Unfortunately no, Procreate has a very different brush engine than most programs. We have had lot of enquires for Procreate versions though so a Procreate-compatible set of these brushes is in development for future release.
What sort of resolution are the brushes and resource images?
Large. Very large. All brushes and resources have been provided in the largest resolution possible to suit any project or use, as well as in smaller 1/2size versions where appropriate for projects that don’t require quite the full size and resolution. All planet and star images have been provided at at east 4k resolution.
Are the brushes and tools from Project Stardust (The Real-ink Nebula & Space pack) scientifically accurate?
Heck no. These are for artists and creatives and have been enhanced for that purpose.
While all developed from real NASA data, these brushes and resources have been specially (tooled, modified, prepared, customised) for artists to allow them to create the best and most impressive images possible, as pain-free as possible. Think of them as artistically enhanced representations of reality, pre-adjusted for maximum visual and emotional effect.
Artists enhancements include things such as:
* Resource images and colours have been enhanced and colour adjusted for a cleaner, sharper effect and more visual impact.
* All planets and sun images are perfectly round, exactly the same pixel diameter and centrally placed in the image area, so you can easily combine and overlay them to create unique results. In reality large planets like Saturn and Jupiter bulge slightly at their equator due to their mass and rotation.
* Bonus ‘Artistic’ labelled brushes and resources that are either artistic creations or interpretations. Eg. stars with ‘bling’ effect, and optional artistic interpretations of planets and theoretical star types.
* Plus, a real planet wouldn’t fit on your screen.
A seperate “scientific visualisation” set of these tools is available for those who require more scientific accuracy.
Are the resource images really free to use in my projects and work?
Absolutely! Once purchased, all of the resource images in the pack are completely royalty-free and ready to use in any creative work, be it personal, educational or commercial without need for any royalty or attribution whatsoever. Choose a cool planet, moon or sun, paint in some stars and nebula, print it on T-shirt’s and make some money 🙂
How can I help?
You’re probably well aware that projects like the Real-ink™ Project live or die on public awareness and community support. Every time you talk or write about these brushes, mention them to another artist or point someone to the website you’re hugely instrumental in us being able to continue making tools to make artists lives easier.

All proceeds from any brush pack purchase are reinvested into continuing development of future brush packs such as digital recreations of the tools of DaVinci, as well as premium fine art oilpaints, Watercolor and other packs such as photographic quality smoke and cloud brushes.

This is not a get-rich project, this is a project undertaken in collaboration with, and in service and contribution to the artistic community. Because creativity matters, now more than ever.

Our financial goals are to become sustainable to we can continue developing tools for artists, and will always make them as cheap as possible to make them accessible to as many artists and creatives as possible worldwide.

Real-ink™ digital brushes and tools were developed by Rowan Dodds of Inksplat Studios with the assistance of

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We hope you enjoy these brushes and tools, may they help and strengthen you on your creative journey