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Real-ink Nebula & Space Gold – Medium Studio (up to 10)

Photoshop Brushes & Creative Tools
Medium Studio License (up to 10 seats)

Unleash your creativity and paint with the universe as your brush.

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Premium quality Photoshop brushes and resources for creating nebula, space and night sky scenes.
Based on the latest NASA telescope, satellite and space probe data, and developed in commercial production environments.

The Real-ink™ Nebula & Space Photoshop pack includes:

• 24 high resolution Nebula & Space brushes, erasers and blenders developed from NASA data
• 48 carefully selected color swatches (including both natural and NASA-style nebula & space colors)
• 19 high resolution planetary images for use in artwork, rendered from NASA data
• 1 layered high resolution multi-color star flare for use in artwork, based on NASA data
• 9 high resolution artwork examples using these tools, one of which has already won international awards


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