Real Ink Cosmic MEGA Pack

``these brushes have opened up unlimited possibilities to create epic space scenes with only a few brushstrokes
Chris Wahl - Illustrator and commercial artist
Clients include Lucasfilm, Ubisoft, MAD magazine,
Nitro Circus, Titan Comics and Marvel
``easy to use, creates cool, complex effects easily
Rashad Redic - IP Creator & Snr. Environment Artist
Snr. Environment Artist: Crytek (Crysis 3)
& Bethesda (Fallout 3, 4 and Skyrim)

Save days to weeks of work and easily achieve spontaneous and unique results that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. Based on authentic NASA data, months of hard work has gone into developing, testing and refining these high-quality brushes and tools so you can focus on what you do best – being creative!



Artist Portrait


Working as a busy commercial illustrator for over 20 years and obsessed with digital brushes and techniques, Rowan has been continually creating and refining new brushes and tools to meet the tight deadlines and high quality demands of his award winning work.

These are now being further polished and shared with other artists, to improve the quality, joy and spontaneity of their work, and most importantly get them home to their families a lot earlier.

Stay tuned for lots more, including high-resolution digital recreations of the drawing tools of daVinci   READ MORE

``May these tools strengthen your creative journey as they have mine
Rowan Dodds - Illustrator and commercial artist
Clients include Imagination Entertainment, Hachette Publishing, Pantera Press, World Wildlife Fund, Bitcoin, Canon, Audi and over 300 other companies

Real-ink™ digital brushes & tools were developed by Rowan Dodds with the assistance of

NASA, HWA & Inksplat