Quills and art tools

The Real-ink™ Project

Bringing the joy & ease back to creativity

The Real-ink™ Project was founded in 2017 by award winning industry veteran Rowan Dodds of Inksplat Studios.

Working as a commercial illustrator for over 20 years (both in-house at Young & Rubicam Advertising and then full-time freelance as Inksplat Studios since 2002), Rowan was regularly frustrated by the lack of professional-quality brushes and tools available to bring his projects to life and has been continually creating and refining new solutions to meet his work’s tight deadlines and high quality demands.

These are now being polished off and shared with other artists worldwide, to improve the quality, joy and spontaneity of their work, and most importantly get them back home to their lives and families much earlier.

Stay tuned for lots more time-saving creative brushes and tools to make your work and life easier.

Quills and art tools
DaVinci Quill & Sanguine Chalk

The drawing tools of daVinci

Developed from the latest ultra high resolution imaging of daVinci’s artwork from museums and galleries around the world, combined with tool handling and responsiveness data gathered from recreations of his quills and tools using methods of art restorers and historians, the creative joy and inspirational power of using these tools really cannot be understated.

Also in the works are ultra high resolution images and resources of our home planet, adjusted to the visual experience of viewing our world through it’s layers of atmosphere from outer space, and high resolution digital recreations of the finest art supplies, tools and materials gathered from around the globe.

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Real-ink™ digital brushes & tools were developed with the assistance of

NASA, HWA & Inksplat